The Group – Al Ghaith Holding

Al Ghaith Group is one of the most diversified business houses in the United Arab Emirates. Its main interests are in oil field supply and services, construction and logistics, trading and industrial services, marine technology, nutrition, business centers, real estate development, fashion, advertising, food and beverage and fitness centers. Since its inception, Al Ghaith Group has grown into a thriving organization providing value added service to clients throughout the UAE. It is a diverse, multi-faceted organization with operations in widely differing fields. Our history has been one of consistent and successful growth. We have been operating in GCC and have our own branches in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and planning to expand to all areas in the UAE. We are proud to say that we have been associated with various major projects in Abu Dhabi, and have since seen the transformation to a highly successful and dynamic group of companies which aims to deliver great value and satisfaction to consumers. The constant growth and expansion of products and services continuously satisfies the expectations of our clients and consumers.

One of the major pillars on which the success of the Al Ghaith Group rests is innovation. We focus on technology and new ways in doing and achieving results and our ventures have greatly strengthened over the years. This positive attitude has helped the Al Ghaith Group gather various and exceptional manpower to make its name known. The competence of its people has made the company’s successful and profitable. Although the group is engaged in a range of activities we all adhere to Quality and strive to be world class in the aspect of operation, all the while being responsible and caring member of the community. The Group’s growth is going stronger with the vision of expanding and capturing a larger market in the UAE and other GCC countries. Excellence is never sacrificed for anything as we aim to be the best of its kind.

Alghaith Group
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
PO BOX 9278
Tel:+971 2 5559426
Fax:+971 2 5559618