Our Safety Commitment

The company has a proactive approach towards creating a safe working environment to protect the health, safety, and welfare of all people in the workplace. An unwavering commitment to 100% HSE, and a zero-tolerance approach to compromises or shortcuts.

The safety education and training for all employees are continuously done as well as reviewing the programs to identify the risks and hazards in the workplace and how to better manage them to prevent injuries.

Product and Services

GOSS provides a comprehensive range of tools/equipment and engineering services for both cased-hole and open-hole fishing and milling operations. It rents out an extensive range of fishing/milling equipment like oil/fishing jars, bumper subs, overshots, spears, washing over packages, casing cutters, milling packages, and other related products to oilfield customers in the Middle East and Asia. As one of the most experienced fishing companies in the area and has operated for more than four decades, we have completed hundreds of successful jobs retrieving completions for major oil operating companies (like ADCO, ADMA-OPCO, ZADCO, Al Hosn Gas, IOOC, etc.) in the area.

Fishing Service

GOSS provides tools and equipment for both cased-hole and open-hole drilling operations. It rents out Drilling Equipment such as Hole Openers, Drilling Jars, Stabilizers, Roller Reamers, Tubular, Handling equipment, Pressure Control Equipment, Crossovers, and other related products to Oil & Gas operating companies in UAE, the Middle East, and South Asia.

DHT Rental Service

GOSS provides a wide range of Pressure Control Equipment including 29-1/2” & 21-1/4” Diverter Systems, Various BOP stacks, Single & variable Rams, Marine Risers, Adapter Spools, Control Units, Choke Manifolds, Hydraulic Valves and many accessories to Oil & Gas operating companies in UAE and the Middle East.

Pressure Control Equipment

We provide our customers with a full Machine Shop Services including:

  • Breakout unit and jar tester.
  • Manufacture of drill string components.
  • Repair and Rebuild of all types of Fishing Equipment.
  • Fabrication of Tanks and Silos.
Machine-shop Services

To meet increasing demand from the Oil & Gas industry, the company provides our customers with anything from one tank for a day to a complete plant package. We carry a wide range of Horizontal and Vertical Storage Tanks and Silos for short, medium, and long term storage and handling systems for bulk powder and liquid products.

Bulk Storage

GOSS keeps large quantities of FMC Flow Line Products such as Unions, Butterfly Valves, Plug Valves, Cementing and Circulating Hoses, Check Valves, Pressure Relief Valves, Pup Joints, Tees, Elbow, Wye's & Cross, etc. and their respective spare parts. The FMC's fluid control family of products and services enables customers to achieve maximum life and value from their Flowline Systems throughout a complete range of applications.

The company stocks large quantities of composite rods of various sizes of the world’s top brands B&W Metal's, C & W UK, and Dynalloy. Kutrite is the brand name for B&W Metal’s composite rods, which is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of composite rods. We also handle other brands such as Cutting and Wear UK’s “Supacut” range of composite rods and Dynalloy USA range of rods and inserts.

Dynalloy Industries, Inc. was founded over 40 years ago and is the industry’s premier Tungsten Carbide processor. We have earned a global reputation for providing the highest quality manufactured products throughout the oil & gas, agricultural, mining, and paving industries. Providing innovative engineered solutions for your hard wear problems, Dynalloy maintains a robust inventory to serve the needs on time and with excellent customer support.

B&W Metal's tungsten carbide products have been used and respected for over 35 years. Because of this reputation, we are the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of Kutrite composite rods and related accessory products. Manufactured with the same attention to quality and detail since 1957, B&W Metals' products provide a consistency of quality and performance that stands alone on the cutting edge of hardfacing technology.

Cutting & Wear Resistant Developments started in 1968 manufacturing hardfacing materials for the oil and gas drilling industry. As the company grew it continued to develop its hardfacing technology and diversified into the manufacture of down-hole tools. We have grown with the industry and understand its demands. We provide industry-leading technology and quality and strive to deliver excellent customer service.

Composite Rods

GOSS is the agent in the UAE of Australia based Redback Drilling Tools. Redback is focused on developing Reaming and Torque reducing tools. Their Torque and resultant vibration reduction capabilities mean that they are worthy of their position in Bottom Hole assemblies where they enhance the performance and add life to bits and other BHA components.

Redback Roller Reamers